Germinated garlic – healthy or poisonous?

Germinating garlic is the norm at this time of year. Green shoots appear even a few days after the purchase, when even for a day or two they will be warm. Is it worth to reach for it then?

In the spring, every good quality garlic begins to sprout. Small shoots look like chives.

Our grandmothers firmly rejected this part of the plant, believing that it is poisonous. The knowledge passed down from generation to generation has been clear: Garlic sprouts are toxic and harmful. To remove them, the clove of garlic was cut along and the green shoot was easily removed.

But this folk theory has been undermined by scientific research. Jong-Sang Kim, the author of the work published in the journal “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry” proves that germinating garlic contains more antioxidants . According to the researchers, it makes him healthier. Positively affects, among others on the condition of the heart and the circulatory system.

Researchers based their position on the conducted analyzes and the assumption that since garlic produces new shoots, it also produces chemical substances that protect them from disease. And if the sprouts are health, then in the case of garlic it will be similar.

However, naturalists are of a different opinion. They agree that there are many substances in the green sprout that protect the growing plant from the attack of viruses, fungi and bacteria. However, they do not have any beneficial effects on our body, just the opposite.

Professional chefs cut garlic after removing the green sprout from inside. Some people think that it is hard to digest , others are of the opinion that the momentum accidentally added to the prepared food will spoil its taste.

In terms of germinating garlic, it is difficult to conclude the theory. There are people who throw out green shoots, others – wanting to obtain “chives” – soot cloves of garlic in pots.

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