Mesotherapy was discovered in France about fifty-five years back and is being widely used in France and Europe. This procedure has not become popular in the USA due to certain reservations on the part of FDA, which has not put its seal on the safety and effect on humans and is labelled under an alternate method of treatment. This is a cosmetic therapy and is not covered by insurance, further it is a costly procedure and is worth giving a trial if one can afford it. It is being extensively used in France to give shape to the body by removing unwanted bulges caused due to the accumulation of fat or cellulite.

According to doctors, this method of weight loss can be used on any person who needs treatment for reduction of trunk, buttocks, arms, abdomen or legs. It is also being used in case of persons who are otherwise thin but have fat bags on some areas of the body.

The treatment technique is non-invasive and non-surgical. It is safe and the easiest way to melt away pounds of fat that has accumulated inside your body. In some cases the results are astonishing and in a period of about ten weeks, a person can lose 7 to 8 pounds of fat accumulated under the skin. The process is point specific and not for the area as a whole. Due to this reason, it is possible to directly attack the area of the body needing maximum attention.

The process is simple. Depending upon the history of the patient, and after recording other problems being faced by him, a cocktail of medicines is injected into the mesoderm or top layer of the skin in small quantities. These medicines stimulate fat cells to release fat and break down the cellulite bond. The medicines injected generally contain FDA approved medicines, plant extracts and vitamins which are considered safe for the humans but have not been certified for mesotherapy. The ingredients and the quantity injected depend upon the patient to be treated.

There are divergent views on the success of mesotherapy for weight loss as there is no scientific proof of the weight loss but, according to doctors, the patient undergoing treatment does report the benefits accruing to them. They confirm the reduction in size and proper fitting of the shirt or bra which they were unable to wear earlier.

The patient may need to undergo about fifteen sessions for the final desired results. For the lasting effect of this therapy, it is essential that the patient exercise subsequent control on his or her diet, and follow the dietary instructions given by the doctor. Though totally safe of the side effects, some patients may report redness in the area of injection or some temporary swelling which will go down on its own in a small time.