We have known for a long time about the negative impact of smoking on health. However, it turns out that the risk of diseases does not disappear after breaking the addiction. American scientists have just discovered that the heart needs as much as 15 years to recover from smoking cessation.

It is well known that smoking cigarettes has negative consequences for our health. According to the latest research, it turns out that the effects of this addiction will be borne by the organism also after it has been discarded. In the area of ​​the highest risk is above all the heart .

A group of scientists from the American University of Vanderbilt discovered that the heart needs as much as 15 years for full recovery after quitting. These results can change the thinking about the consequences of smoking. Previous studies have indicated that a higher risk of heart disease and stroke occurs “only” within 5 years of quitting.

Meredith Duncan, the author of the study, explained that in the body of people who smoke for a very long period of time, the return of heart and lung to normality may be impossible. The changes that are caused by substances in cigarettes may be too large.

Researchers analyzed the results of 8,700 people who smoke for 50 years. It turned out that patients who smoked regularly for 20 years min. One packet of cigarettes per day were up to 70 percent. more likely to have a heart attack than other smokers.

According to the Ministry of Health, almost 9 million people smoke cigarettes every day in Pakistan. Result of which is, 60 thousand people die yearly due to tobacco-related diseases, among which are lung cancerchronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart attack.


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