Potatoes have a lot of medicinal properties. Folk medicine still uses their valuable nutrients to cure many diseases. Potato tubers contain sugars, proteins , vitamins (including vitamin C, vitamin B1 , vitamin B6 , vitamin PP ) and minerals. The properties of potatoes are used in the treatment of burns, skin diseases and stomach ulcers . The substances contained in vegetables inhibit the growth of some fungi and bacteria. Potatoes have low calories and are an effective way to treat many diseases and ailments.

1. Potatoes – calories and use

Potatoes, otherwise pyry, potatoes, potatoes, are a species of perennial belonging to the nightshade family, as well as tomato and tobacco. The correct name is Solanum tuberosum L. Edible potatoes come from South America. Before they became an edible plant, they served as an ornamental and healing plant. Potatoes after some time became the basis of food, thus saving the poor population from starvation and death. In Poland, they are one of the most widespread collections. In Poland, the annual harvest of this plant is about 13.5-15.5 million tons. The use of potatoes is numerous.

Potatoes are used as:

  • fodder products (49%),
  • seed potatoes (12%),
  • preparations, eg French fries, droughts, potato cubes (5%),
  • 0.5% is exported,
  • 20% – directly consumed,
  • 13% – are losses and losses.

In our country, about 121 kg of potatoes are consumed per person, while in other Western European countries, their consumption is half as high.

The most important part of the potato is a tuber, withers – it is eaten. In contrast, the stem, leaves and flowers are poisonous, they contain a toxic component: solanine, which causes food poisoning.

The potato consists of:

  • water – 75%,
  • starch – 18.5%,
  • proteins – 2%,
  • fiber – 1.5%.

Contrary to appearances, potatoes have low calories and have a lot of nutrients, including: magnesium , potassium, phosphorus, iron , calcium and low sodium content. The great advantage of potatoes is that they do not contain cholesterol and saturated fatty acids. They contain a small amount of wholesome proteins and a lot of fiber. Potatoes are also many vitamins are sources of vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, B1, B3, B6, folic acid, and vitamin C.

2. Potatoes – calories and types

Many people consider potatoes as a caloric bomb. But is it really? Potatoes have low calories and are not fattening in themselves, but with some additives, such as sauces, butter, cream, they are already a caloric bomb. For example, potatoes sprinkled with vegetable fat provide us with 110 kcal / 100 g. Even more caloric dishes are potatoes , such as potatodumplings, potato pancakes , dumplings.

The method of preparing potatoes is important. Steamed or jacketed steamed potatoes are the healthiest because they do not lose valuable nutrients and vitamins. It is recommended that potatoes be cooked in their uniforms for about 15-20 minutes in salted water – this is the best way to prepare potatoes. The older the potato, the more calories it contains.

Types of culinary potatoes:

  • type A – salad, hard,
  • type B – general-purpose, medium-hard – suitable for pancakes, fries,
  • type C – floury – is used for baking and for preparing potato dishes,
  • type D – very floury – very over-cooked.

When choosing potatoes, take a look at their appearance. Sweet potatoshould not be green, only uniform and undamaged.

It is worth remembering that potatoes do not have much calories and are a source of many vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, a well-prepared potato does not contain calories, and can provide us with the ingredients needed for proper functioning. Therefore, let’s eat a lot of well-prepared potatoes, eliminating calories in the form of fats.

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