Universal and amazing vitamin C

Vitamins meet a wide variety of regulatory functions in our cells and tissues, thus deciding on the development, health and physical performance of the body. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for human health . It is present in many vegetables, fruits and herbs, and individual of them differ in its content in a very wide range.

Role in the body

Vitamin C is a highly biologically active organic compound. He participates in a number of extremely important for the health of the body changes and reactions stimulating  at the various biological processes . Thanks to the amazing solubility of vitamin C, it is absorbed by about 80% in the body. The absorption process takes place mainly in the duodenum and in the small intestine, however, the effectiveness of this process depends primarily on the health of the person.

Ascorbic acid participates in metabolic processes in the body as an electron transporting compound. Takes part in the  biosynthesis of collagen protein , fat and  bile acid metabolism . Also participates in the biosynthesis of adrenocortical hormones, and more importantly supports the work of the immune system, increasing the body’s immunity.

An unusual antioxidant

Vitamin C is considered  one of the most popular antioxidants , thanks to its antioxidant properties it has a protective role in cardiovascular diseases and coronary heart disease. It also protects the body’s cells from oxidative stress where reactive oxygen species can have a negative effect on them. It has the ability to “scavenge” free radicals by reducing the amount of damage to DNA, proteins and lipids, while lowering the risk of developing cancer.

Collagen and vitamin C

One of the most important biological functions of ascorbic acid is the biosynthesis of collagen in the body. Collagen protein creates tissues, organs, occurs in the skin, bones, cartilages or cornea of ​​the eye. The role of vitamin C in the biosynthesis process of this unique protein is based on the  participation in the hydrolysis of proline and  lysine and  hydroxylysine by delivering electrons to the enzymes also interacting in this process. It is thanks to her that procollagen is transformed into the body into the right collagen .

Hypovitaminosis – a dangerous shortage

The whole human body without the presence of vitamins is not able to function properly , because it is not able to produce them, and even if their quantities are insufficient. The resulting state of moderate deficiency of a specific vitamin , which induces characteristic symptoms when disrupted in the functioning of the body is called hypovitaminosis . Too high vitamin deficiencies can lead to structural changes in various organs and cells.

Characteristic symptoms: 
• occurrence of scarobust, which is manifested by bleeding and swelling of the gums, which in turn leads to tooth loss 
• disruption in the formation of new collagen fibers – which can cause greater bone fragility and the released wound healing process 
• reduced immunity of the body 
• apathy, fatigue and muscular pains 
• weakening of the capillaries 
• possibility of micro-infiltration

It is worth remembering that the excess of vitamin C is not toxic to the body, however, long-term consumption of larger amounts may lead to more frequent urination, diarrhea and cause the formation of kidney stones.

Essential and important vitamin

There is no doubt that ascorbic acid is the most well-known and  valued vitamin with  multidirectional effects on our health. During the illness, e.g. a cold can alleviate its course and even reduce the duration of its symptoms. Its most important role is to participate in many very important biological processes, even to some of them it is even indispensable.

It is worth remembering about its versatile, beneficial action and look after the appropriate amount consumed, we can thanks to such activities better support the work of our entire body, which in its effects reflects on our well-being or physical condition.

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